All Global Trails

Location     Name Canton Status LD Distance Time
Ernen Trusera Trail VS Info: Contact blue 3.0 km 2 h
Ernen Alp Trail VS Info: Contact red 10.5 km 6.5 h
Ernen Erner Galen Trail VS Info: Contact red 4.0 km 2 h
Ernen Chäserstatt-Trail VS Info: Contact red 2.0 km 3 h
Fideris Rundtour Clunersee GR Info: Contact blue 3.5 km 1.3 h
Fiesch Fiesch-Heimatt-Fiescheralp VS Info: Contact red 5.0 km 3 h
Fiesch Gibelegga-St. Anna-Bellwald VS Info: Contact red 3.5 km 2.5 h
Fuldera Biosfera Val Müstair: Senda da l'uors GR Info: Contact blue 9.7 km 4 h
Ganzes Toggenburg 13 unmarkierte, GPS-erfasste Trails SG Info: Contact black 132.0 km -
Glaubenberg Jänzi Panorama Trail OW Info: Contact blue 11.5 km 4 h
Gontenbad Gontenbad Kronberg AI Info: Contact black 8.9 km 4.8 h
Grindelwald Mühlebach Trail BE close blue 2.7 km -
Grindelwald Panorama Trail Grindelwald BE close red 7.0 km -
Grindelwald Wetterhorn Trail (blau) BE close blue 1.5 km -
Grindelwald Eiger Trail BE close red 5.5 km -


Level of difficulty